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We are Mass Business Search backed by an innovative and creative team of experts who provide unparalleled digital marketing services.

We employ targeted SEO strategies such as designing, building, and improving marketing-driven websites to maximize your website’s online exposure and increase your sales.

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Business owners like you are the reason behind the establishment of this SEO Agency because we want to help you achieve your marketing goals with our SEO strategies. We firmly believe that you deserve an agency that is result-driven and works with transparency and integrity.

Mass Business Search focuses on fulfilling promises to clients. We operate meticulously, on time and according to your budget, without skimping results.


We believe that focusing on building a beautiful website is not enough.
Although it’s true that beautifying websites can help bolster traffic; our job is to associate it with a user-friendly website to capture relevant target audience of potential customers who need your service or products.

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“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.”

Solon Zafiropoulos , CEO , Mass Business Search

We believe that you need to work with an SEO agency that has the eyes of a salesman.
While other agencies busy driving traffic, we convert visitors into paying customers. We will help your business foster and develop with our professional team who can make creative visions come to reality.

We believe that you don’t have to settle for less when we can give you the best.
We work methodically, persistently testing, updating, and improving our SEO strategies. These are the keys to help steer your business to reach its business objectives.

We believe that honesty is the best policy.
With us, we value you as much as we honor your trust. We always adhere to work ethics, incorporate transparency in our tasks and provide upfront answers, not just momentarily but for an extended period.

Try us for a week of free leads and once you see positive results, be sure to book us as your marketing department. Leave the rest to us and take pleasure in watching those leads continuously flow into your phones and inboxes.

I’ve been active in digital marketing for more than 35 years for some of the world’s largest agencies and clients, and frankly I’ve seen almost everything. Advertising works when it’s well targeted, right on point, conveys exactly the right brand message, and has a creative edge that gets you to pay attention. Solon is at the top of his game! He is brilliantly creative with his advertising campaigns, and spot on with creating ads that work. Being disruptive, or just getting attention is not enough; ad campaigns have to convert and generate real ROI. I have worked with Solon, and seen the results of his campaigns, and I love the way he thinks! If you do things the way everyone else does them, you won’t get outstanding results. Solon is focused on results, and to me, that’s the whole ballgame.
Marty Marion

Top digital marketing producer for over 35 years
to some of the world's largest Madison Avenue ad agencies and brands.

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