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Automatic Leads

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you have
"Automatic leads" streaming into your cell phone
all " hot and ready" - eager to buy your
products and services?

Client case study #1 - The jewelry club

Dear business owner, want hot buyers leads streaming into your cell phone ? Then read on as I explain how we help a jewelry store in denver get 12 leads over 5 days on a trial program by

Step 1: campaign creation

First we create the images, the promotional survey form that potential buyers will fill in and create the entire campaign for them to signup for a callback. In our case study below, we are using our in-house brand name called the jewelry club to get leads to signup for a callback.

Step 2: running the campaign

Next we run the campaign in the area of the store, in this case, its a store in denver.We zoom into specifics like age group, gender, city where they stay so you are sure the leads you get are the leads you want exactly.

Step 3: getting the leads!

Once any potential buyers are interested, they will fill in the survey form in step 1 and send in their names, mobile number and email to request for a callback consultation or receive a promotion.

Step 4: delivering the leads!

We either deliver them by text or email as shown here, most prefer text as they get it almost instantly once the leads press submit so they can call them back straightaway.

Step 5: store calls the leads back

They set an appointment at the store and closes the sales-$$$

ConclusionThis is the 5 step process on how we can help you generate leads like our client here.
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